Veil Of Fears

The things that you most need to face and fix in your life are usually avoided and hidden behind your veil of, or your greatest fears.

Most people fall for the illusion that accepting where you’re at in life, is always where you’re going to be. Or end up just drifting along in life responding to the next circumstance instead of actively, aggressively and intentionally going after what they are destined for.

Be open to the fact, that you are not always right, which means, sometimes you will be wrong and on many different levels. One of those levels just might be the one you’re on right now.

If you are all about self or arrogant, closed-minded, or more of a reactionary kind of person, you will drift along thinking that there are no issues,… you’re not wrong, (in your own mind), so you settle where you are. Stuck in that state of mind and then carve it in stone, in turn, doing damage to yourself inside of that mindset without digging deeper into the fact that you, in fact, could be wrong.

Develop your mind in a way of pushing your thoughts beyond the line of comfort.
Challenge yourself into a conscious belief that looks at life in a curious way, then asking yourself…

“what if I am wrong”.

A person that closes themselves off to that fact, will never fully develop into the person that they need to become because they are refusing the very steps to get there.

Confront the people you are avoiding, make it a point to engage those that you feel your “auto-response” says you need to avoid.
(using discretion, of course, I’m not talking about the dangerous ones)

Check off the list of avoidance’s, one by one until you have eliminated everything you are avoiding.

With every check mark,
you will feel the weight of those burdens lift off your shoulders
one person at a time.

Face Your Fears, until you don’t have any more to face!!!
Fear itself is not an actual substance,
it’s just an illusion or a smokescreen
to keep you from reaching your potential.

The veil of fear is a cloak, like blinders on windows, it keeps you from seeing what is on the other side so, for you, that means you have to physically go up to that veil and move it aside.

You will find that by facing your fears head-on, there was really nothing to fear in the first place.
Which will give you just enough courage to face the next one, conquering that fear, and then that one, and the next…

Then one day you’ll find fear is just an everyday, ordinary obstacle to get over. Like opening the door to go outside, but instead of opening a familiar door, it’s just another unfamiliar door to open to find out what is on the other side.

An open mind is willing to look at self as imperfect,…
by thinking… “I could be wrong”,
and if I am,
I’m not afraid to face those facts so I can correct it.
You MUST make fear submit to you
rather than letting fear be your master.

We were created to be warriors, leaders, of a sound mind, and ready for battle.

God did not give us a spirit of fear…   Notice that fear is a “spirit” and if we have the spirit of God on our side, the one who all spirits submit to, then all we have to do is step into that place and dominate it.

Fear is just a smokescreen with a bunch of over-exaggerated noise behind it to intimidate us into not boldly walking through the smoke.

If you have a fear, face it.
If you feel you are avoiding something or someone,
confront it or them.
Avoidance is just another word for fear,
just a more padded word to make it seem less intimidating
but still has the same effect on you.
Get to the bottom of everything that is in your way of becoming
who you are meant to be.
and who you are lies just behind that veil of fears.

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