The Perception Deception

Is God an evil dictator, bent on suffering and pain?
Or is He a loving, caring creator that wants the best for us all?

I get the whole, good life thing, about experiencing preferred circumstances and avoiding the ones that you don’t particularly care for, like the ones that cause pain, suffering, and even death, and comparing them to the ones that are, good, loving, full of peace, and what you like to experience. We naturally tend to always seek after the “feel good” experiences in life.


This is where the understanding gets difficult… or, Easy… So easy, that it’s difficult… & Sometimes hard to wrap your head around but if you grab hold of this and hang on to it like a life raft in the middle of the ocean, things will start to make sense to you, & in turn, your whole life will change for the better.

If your view of God is “evil dictator”, ask yourself this… What is a dictator?

…Absolute power by force, domineering, bossy, overbearing, tyrannical, repressive… are just some of the words in the definition.

Now ask yourself what do the scriptures say that God is like?

…Loving, kind, generous, patient, peaceful,…   Wait a minute… Something isn’t right here… these are 2 opposing views that don’t line up.

The conclusion ends up being, either the Bible is wrong or you are wrong… So let’s be brutally honest with ourselves and point out some, not so pleasant, flaws in human characteristics that we seem to avoid at all costs in order to stay in the “feel good” about myself stance.

  1. Nobody likes to be told they are wrong. &
  2. We rely on our own experiences to tell us what we feel.

If those experiences don’t line up with the definition we were told about who God is.

Our conclusion from those external experiences, based on our feelings, we naturally end up deceiving ourselves into believing a self-defined conclusion that fits those feelings, totally disregarding possible facts, simply because our limited human reasoning can’t make sense of it.

Let’s say we just got a new car, and the ad said that it gets 60 mpg, heated seats for winter, best all-around smoothest suspension, all the bells and whistles for the most comfortable ride ever…

So you buy into it and try it out.

You excitedly jump in, fully expecting all the claims to come through for you as advertised… then you notice that it only gets 30 mpg, the seats don’t work, the ride isn’t smooth at all and you’ve just had the most horrible experience ever with this vehicle…

You are so disgusted with your “experience” that you start bashing the company and even trying to dissuade anybody else from going through the same. You even venomously protest against anyone who tries to sell that car or say anything good about it.

Some try to talk to you about it but it was so real to you that you’re not having any part of it.

Until one day you end up in the back row of a convention that came to town promoting that very car. They went step by step, going through the shipping process and how careful they were to protect the features by putting blocks on the suspension during shipping to keep it protected until it’s released to the owner, disconnecting the wiring harness in case of a surge in static electricity while charging the other systems, all the way down to a switch on the dashboard that you could be switched to one position for optimum power or another position for optimum fuel saving… on and on down the list of functions that make your experience the best it could possibly be.

Fuming mad, you make your way up to the lecturer after the convention and explain to him the experience you had with your car…

Then he asks you one question…
Did you read the owners manual, and actually follow what it said to do?

It has an after shipping list of things to do, like take the blocks out of the suspension, re-connect the wire harness,… in addition, a list of suggestions to do to have the best outcome possible, like the switches that suit the best driving conditions that change from time to time, the power or fuel efficiency switch… but in a rush to experience the promised performance you drove it off the lot without attending the proper maintenance class required before operation, skipping the introduction prior to ownership of this special one of a kind, once for all, vehicle.

So what was actually wrong?…
  1. Was it the seller’s definition and actual intention of the vehicle?
  2. Or was it a wrong perception by a gross misunderstanding on the part of the buyer?

Even though the “bad” feelings and the “bad” experience lined up perfectly with your definition of “bad”, and even though it was a real experience to you, and that experience was a bad one that you fully felt yourself,…

It was ultimately the false perception that caused that real experience with real feelings, and not in the actual, originally intended pure truth of it all.

So before you believe an experience and refer back to your feelings to define your beliefs, consider this…

If, in fact, there is a definition that has been presented to you and your bad experience tells you differently… before discrediting the definition by an experience make sure it’s not just a misconception generated by a feeling or even a bias, based off of false expectations, & make absolutely certain that you have followed that definition all the way to the absolute truth regardless of personal experiences.

Especially if there are conflicting views at play.

If the definition of something is “good” and there are millions of people that have experienced first hand that it actually IS “good”, chances are, that the definition is absolutely correct.

Because let’s face it, people don’t get deceived into believing the truth, that something good, is good…

But if the definition is Good and your experience is bad,… Wouldn’t it make more sense that the experience, that is contrary to the actual definition, is more in line with deception than both the experience and the definition lining up perfectly?

In Simple Terms…

If the definition of Good generates Good, would be considered the Truth,  Than the definition of Good that generates Bad is False.!

So instead of changing the truth of a definition to line up with your ever-changing feelings, research why the two don’t match and then erase the skepticism one piece at a time until everything makes sense, according to the definition.

The best way to do that is to NOT go to someone that believes the same way as you do to reinforce your personal definition but to go to someone that is lined up with the truth of the definition and the life to prove it.

You still might be saying, ya but, the definition of dictator fits with the actions of what I read or what I believe God to be…

That may just well be, but what you’re doing is taking your perception or feelings and then finding the definition that best fits that perception, so you’re really working backward,…

For instance;
Dry ice “feels” hot to the touch but the actual feeling is cold.

So in this example, you would say, and actually believe, that the feeling is hot based off of your perception, even though the absolute truth of it, is that it’s cold, but it’s so cold it generates a completely different understanding than that of which you’re used to.

So you then attach it to something that you have experienced that fits as close to what you understand as being the truth, and then stopping there rather than believe the truth of it, and adding that to your understanding.

Always examine the deeper things in life that, at first, seem to be a contradiction. You might be surprised at the outcome.

I challenge you to Find The Truth.

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