The Impersonal Universe

Don’t sell yourself short to an impersonal Universe…

There is a Caring, Personal God that created You, Heaven, and Earth as well as this vast, endless Universe.
Some people that resort to believing in the power of the universe usually do so because they have read, heard of, or tried believing in the God of that universe and found out their lifestyle didn’t agree with the “rule book” so have chosen to create their own impersonal god that has no “rules” (The Universe) so that they can live as they choose without conscience or consequence.
A god of their choosing so they can justify a lifestyle that is defined by themselves, instead of them being lead by, defined, and cared for by a personal God that Loves them way beyond any empty “space” ever could.

Before you close out this article, please read on…

because what this God wants you to know is that it’s not about your lifestyle that you so eagerly cling to, it’s not about the rules and regulations that you are running from, it’s not about having to change what you are doing in order to live up to a seemingly impossible stone cold figure that is waiting to flick you off the edge of a cliff just because you’re not perfect or can’t live up to his standards… to be truthful… nobody can anyway.

Not even the people that are telling you that you have to be.

There is “religion” that condemns any lifestyle that “they” don’t approve of, based on their own truly sad interpretation of who they “think” God is, which is also an empty “god of their making“…  judgmental, harsh, rigid, cold and ready to smash you for every misdeed you so happen to engage in.

Which is also a dead end road.

The saddest part of their choice to believe in that fictional god (usually because that’s the way they were taught and see god themselves), is they send everyone down the same dead-end road but usually in different directions. People are naturally opposed to their message so they reject it and repel even further away from the truth simply because the “truth” they are supposedly repelling from isn’t really the truth at all.

A judgmental attitude has never caused anyone to open up to what it has to say.

The Bible warns of a certain people groups that set themselves up to deceive the masses into believing that the True God is either a hateful god or that He doesn’t exist at all.

If they can’t get you to not believe at all (evolution, atheism) then they will go for the jugular and get you to believe that the true God is impossible to please and hates every move you make because you don’t live up to his expectations, and as a result, “you are going to burn in hell for it“. False prophets that come in the form of religion, a religion that claims to be the authority of God.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

First, let me tell you what God is not… He is not hateful, God does NOT hate you, He may not like what you choose to do on occasion but He does not hate YOU, as some may claim.
People usually judge the character of God by the character of those who claim to represent Him. Then, on both sides of the fence, teach their converts to follow suit.
We can’t rely on our own ability to change enough to be accepted into Heaven, we can not “do” enough good deeds to make it in either. Therefore we can’t change “first” in order for God to, then, accept us.

God accepts us so that we can rely on Him to change us.
Most have it backward.

They believe that they have to live up to God’s “rule book” or “do good” in order to “be good” or a Christian. When really it’s the opposite, God knocks on the door of our heart as an invitation to accept His love for us. We then choose to accept that invitation by believing on His Son Yeshua as the Savior, confessing Him as Lord and letting His Spirit change you from within. So, wherever you’re at in this life, believe and be changed.

NOT, change to believe.

Don’t change your life in order to believe, believe in order to be changed.  So be a liar, be a thief, be a cheat, be heterosexual or homosexual, be a hypocrite,  be angry, even be judgmental etc.


But come to Him just as you are, believe in the power that made you. He will turn you into who He created you to be, which is far better than what you can to do for yourself.

Does it make sense to fix your car BEFORE you bring it to the mechanic
Or would it make more sense to bring your car to the mechanic because it needs attention?

If you are telling yourself that you don’t need changing or “fixed”, you like yourself just the way you are and are happy with that, but you have not put your trust in the Messiah, think on this: People love to think that they are the “Captain of their own ship”, and it would be natural to think like that because the pride of life teaches us to do just that. But it is not really about “this life” that God wants you to “LIVE”, (even though it affects this life). It’s about the security of eternity, the afterlife. The TRUE life that we were all created for, the one that is free from this earthly vessel of corruption and decay, disease, pain, suffering, hate, and intolerance, war and killing… A life of peace, contentment, harmony, love, joy, mercy, and grace, etc…

Which is what we all want and strive for now but will never truly achieve this side of Heaven.

We are all called to Love each other as fellow human beings, not to judge each other; but unfortunately as humans we all tend to point out the flaws in others so we can feel flawless in ourselves.
It’s not until we recognize those flaws in ourselves that we open ourselves up to accepting others for themselves and the flaws that they have. It is with Love that the battle is won and souls are welcomed into the kingdom of Heaven. When we truly have compassion for someone and love them for who they are, right where they’re at, they will start to open up to what you have to say.

No one has ever been judged into believing in God.

You can rest assured that if someone says that God hates you because of what you are doing or who you are, then it is a god of their own making and THEY have chosen to hate you and then pull THAT false god into their condemning lifestyle, therefore passing it on to you.

Have nothing to do with them!

They are not the representation of TRUE Christianity… Or Followers of Christ… or The Ultimate Truth…
Bottom Line: God is real. He exists to gladly welcome you into eternity with open arms, just as you are right now. If you choose not to believe in Him because you don‘t agree with His ways, it doesn’t mysteriously make Him disappear from existence. He patiently knocks on the door of your heart, and I would be willing to bet that you have felt it but brushed it off because you have locked that door. Please, just leave the door of belief cracked open, sit back and watch as He makes Himself known to you in ways that you cannot deny.
Sometimes He chooses to change you instantaneously by causing your thoughts to be different, one day you are a completely different person. His power is ultimate and undeniable.

Most of the time it’s through convictions that He wants you to act on.

Each act of obedience will take you one step closer to perfection and the likeness of Christ. That is His ultimate goal for your life. But know this…
He does not want you to stay the same as you are… Don’t let that scare you, what He wants for you is far better than what you could ever wish for yourself.
Take the leap of faith and put your trust in the Creator of life! He knows what is best for you. You will sell yourself way short if you hang onto what You believe to be what is best for yourself. Choose Life, True Life.  Not the one here on earth. This one will end, choose the one that never ends.

If you find your life here on earth, then you will ultimately lose it,
But If you lose this life for His sake, then you will find it.

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  1. Very thought provoking, I look forward to more!

    1. Thank You Nicki, I’m glad you liked it. & much more to come. 🙂

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